My current A-cam is the BMPCC, a lightweight cine-cam with cine-glass and adapted vintage lenses for everything from a crisp, clean look, to a dream-like, nostalgic feeling on your video production.


Canon XA11

The XA11 is a simple, robust camera that I use for tighter spaces, and gimbal mounting. It also has IR night vision for some pitch black documentary or movie effect situations.

Pentax K-5

This is my primary photography camera. It can do super high shutter speeds for some faster moments, good low light shooting, and a good selection of lenses.


FeiYue AK4000

The AK4000 is a reliable gimbal that I use with the XA11. It is great for butter smooth tracking, and action related shots.


Panasonic G7

My B-cam is the Panasonic G7. Its a great all round camera, shoots crisp 4k footage with good colour science, and has the same lens mount as my A-cam.


Mavic Pro

This drone is perfect for every type of areal shot that you need. It shoots in 4K, and will work both indoors and outdoors.

Editing Rig

I have a fully capable video editing rig for almost any resolutions that your project requires. It has a Ryzen 2700x, 48GB 3000Mhz ram, and a 980ti.